Sin Cara was entrant No. 8 in the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble! View more information and photos here!

Sin Cara Interview w/ Miguel De Santiago

Sin Cara Interview w/ Miguel De Santiago

Miguel De Santiago from @WhatsUpWeekly conducted an interview with Sin Cara about several interesting topics. You can read the interview below or check it out on their website here!

World Wrestling Entertainment’s merry band of brutes will clothesline their way into the Pan American center in Las Cruces this Friday, Jan. 30 for the wrestling juggernaut’s first show of the year. Fans can expect to see John Cena battle Seth Rollins, along with a host of other WWE superstars including Sin Cara (translation: Without a Face), a masked Lucha Libre-style wrestler who hails from the Sun City. What’s Up gabbed with the local grappler about growing up in El Paso and his journey from the Juarez Lucha Libre scene to the WWE.

Q. How does it feel to wrestle with a mask on?

It’s awesome, to be honest. For me, it’s been a great experience being able to represent my culture. When I was growing up, I used to see all those masked wrestlers – it was like super heroes to me. In a sense, I feel like a superhero once I put on that mask – like a warrior.

Q. Was it tough to break into the Lucha Libre scene when you were first starting?

Obviously, yeah – because I’m a first generation wrestler. Nobody in my family had ever wrestled; I didn’t know anybody in the business. It was really, really hard. I remember that I had to ask some people about who I could train with and where can I train. I was fortunate enough to find great people in Ciudad Juarez that were able to help me out. Read more →

WWE NXT – 1.28.2015

WWENXT – 1.28.2015 + Media Update

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Sin Cara and Kalisto defend their NXT Tag Team Titles against Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake.
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WWENXT posted the following photo of the LuchaDragons on their Instagram.
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I created a new banner featuring Sin Cara from WWE’s 1.9.2015 episode of SmackDown.
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Royal Rumble 2015

Royal Rumble 2015

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Wyatt gloats in the ring by himself while he waits for entrant #8, who turns out to be Sin Cara! Sin Cara is down and he hits an immediate springboard reverse splash. Cara is sent to the apron, but he avoids elimination with a kick. Cara leaps from the top, but he’s caught with a right hand from Bray, who then hits Sister Abigail. Bray eliminates Cara by tossing him over the top rope, and Wyatt calls for a mic. Wyatt says open invitation, he hopes everyone in the back got the message, this is Bray Wyatt’s year. Wyatt begins singing ‘the whole world’, with the arena joining in while the clock counts down.
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WWE Superstars 1.23.2015

WWE Superstars 1.23.2015

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Sin Cara tangos with Fandango on WWE Network, but did The International Sensation keep his footing against the devious dancer? Watch highlights above!