Sin Cara and Kalisto has won the NXT Tag Team Championships! View more info here!

WWE SmackDown! – 9.26.2014 + more

WWE SmackDown! – 9.26.2014 + more

Results: The match starts as Sin Cara fights back and forth with Justin Gabriel. Justin and Heath Slater then both try to double team Sin Cara until he escapes. Sin Cara then tries to eliminate Justin Gabriel, but is cut off by Bo Dallas who eliminates Sin Cara.

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WWE NXT- 9.25.2014

WWE NXT – 9.25.2014

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Results: WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Lucha Dragons are out first. Kalisto and Sin Cara enter impressively and pump the crowd with their hands. The Ascension, as the challengers, are out next. They’re fired up and angry! Sin Cara and Konnor starts things out, with Konnor very aggressive at the onset, immediately going for the cover. A tag is made and here comes Kalisto. Viktor tags in and works over Kalisto in the match. He backs Kalisto into the corner and whips him across. He runs right into a dropkick. Kalisto goes high risk and Sin Cara tags in. Sin Cara lands a clothesline on Viktor and gets a two count. Kalisto tags in, they’re working quick. Lucha team work and Kalisto gets yet another two count. Viktor needs a tag but he counters with a kick and whips the smaller Kalisto into the corner. Konnor finally tags in and uses a side headlock takeover and applies it on the mat. He leaves the headlock applied and rolls him around the ring on the mat. It made me dizzy. He had multiple covers. Konnor applies another headlock on Kalisto in the ring. The crowd tries to rally behind The Lucha Dragons. Viktor tags himself in and goes back to work on Kalisto. He kicks out of a two count but Viktor applies a rear chinlock on the mat. Rich Brennan questions if The Lucha Dragons can withstand the test as we go to a break. Read more → Article “A Road To Triumph” Article “A Road To Triumph”
A road to triumph: The Lucha Dragons embark on life as NXT Tag Team Champions
BY Byron Saxton

Some have called it the pinfall heard around the world. The moment Kalisto pinned Viktor’s shoulders to the mat at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way marked not just brand-new NXT Tag Team Champions, but also the dawning of a new era many thought would never come.

“It was the greatest feeling in the world. We defeated the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in NXT history, amigo!” Kalisto, one-half of The Lucha Dragons with Sin Cara, told

After nearly a year atop the NXT tag team mountain, it’s no surprise that NXT observers and aficionados universally expected The Ascension, Viktor & Konnor, to successfully defend their coveted championship. Call it a strike of lighting or lady luck, but The Lucha Dragons’ achievement stands as one of the greatest in NXT history. “Kalisto and I promised each other that we wanted to take those titles out of the darkness and give them new life through our unique ability and desire,” Sin Cara revealed.
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