Sin Cara and Kalisto has won the NXT Tag Team Championships! View more info here!

WWE WorldWide 2014 – Mexico City (Cont)

WWE WorldWide 2014 – Mexico City (Cont)


I have added the photos from Sin Cara’s match against Fandango on 10/18/2014 to the gallery.
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WWE on Instagram posted the following amazing photo of Sin Cara from his match that night.
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Cassandro added a similar backstage photo of Sin Cara from last night to his twitter @CassandroLucha.
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I created another amazing banner featuring photos of Sin Cara on the Mexico City tour. Be sure to follow me on my twitter @TerrellStarsArt for more amazing Sin Cara and other artworks! Credit Hunicostars or my twitter account if you post any art from this website elsewhere.
Thanks amigos!

WWE WorldWide 2014 – Mexico City

WWE WorldWide 2014 – Mexico City


The WWE is currently on tour in Mexico City, Mexico. Sin Cara is the star of the tour and has been taking part in several interviews and appearances all over to promote the WWE.

I have added several photos from Sin Cara’s appearances via to the gallery.
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Credit @WWE_Mex, @terradeportesmx & @Sillontecnicomx Twitter accounts for the following great photos of Sin Cara.
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Sin Cara has added 3 photos from the Mexico City events to his twitter account.
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Cassandro added three great photos of him & our favorite guy to his twitter account @CassandroLucha.
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B0QTgmRCAAAhW15.jpg large B0GgSxOCEAAlnKS.jpg large B0Cb1nQCEAEfvvw.jpg large

WWE NXT – 10.16.2014 + More

WWE NXT – 10.16.2014 + More


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Though Blake & Murphy tried to make the most of their match against the champions and impressed by countering The Lucha Dragons’ speed with pure power, the Dragons’ agility overcame their foes’ might. Sin Cara earned the victory for he and Kalisto after hitting Blake with a breathtaking sunset bomb off the ropes!

Sin Cara has added several amazing photos to his Twitter account. The first set is from his time in Malaysia during WWE’s tour last week, and the second set is from recently as WWE is Mexico City this weekend. View the photos by clicking on the photo below:

B0GPeBSCcAAaDw6.jpg large

Hunico is featured in 100 Marvelous Masked Wrestlers, which showcase several mask wrestlers who have stepped foot into the WWE ring. View the photo in full by clicking on it below: